Thursday, November 17, 2011

Organized and Ready to Rumble

Tonight I finish up my extended chapter summaries for my ya novel. It started out as 17 chapters, but I think it will now be 19 at least. I've been having fun writing up the summaries and I have been surprised by twists and turns the book has taken--it's in a different place than I thought it would go.
Out of curiosity I looked up a couple of writer's agents today. For some reason as I was looking at the websites about how to submit queries for my novel, I got butterflies in my stomach. Here I am probably a month or so away from my firs
t draft and I'm already nervous. I know I need to get through a few revisions, but to be nervous already? What does that mean? I think I'm a tad scared to think I might go through with it. I'm cautious by nature and this is me getting ready to really throw it out there for the world's judgement.