Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Letters and Other Writings...

So far, I've written a letter every day for the new year...ok, so it's only been 4 days. But 4 letters have been penned by me and mailed. They're really letters of gratitude so far, and it really feels good to acknowledge in others.

I've also been working on the novel. I made a new rule for myself--I do not get to bring work home except on Thursday nights. I will no longer drown myself in paperwork. I'm making sure it gets down at work. It's a challenge, but I think it's beneficial for me and my other pursuits as well as being wonderful for creating additional family time.

I am working on chapter 10 at this point. I'm trying to get the backbone of this book down as quickly as possible and then I think I'll go back and just edit it like mad. My loosely fitting goal is to have the first draft done by mid-February. Cross those fingers!

Monday, January 2, 2012


I always think about music and how certain songs really play into what I'm writing. I'm really influenced by Swell Season, The Frames, The Black Keys, and many others in the same genres.
Two songs that have been in my mind lately are The Black Keys' "Howlin' For You" and Gary Jules Cover of "Mad World." I've heard some writers are putting soundtrack lists with their books--I think that's something that will definitely happen with my book.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

I feel absolutely refreshed. I'm excited about 2012 because I know it's the year I finish my first book. It's also the year that I read more and think more. Recently, thanks to my having a Nook and being able to have my reading material on the go, I've been reading books like Writer's Market as well as some classics. What I'm reading from the newstand is The Writer, Poets & Writers, Oxford American, The Atlantic, National Geographic, and (the ultimate sin) Entertainment Weekly. I'm so excited for what's to come. On a spectacular side note, I've also decided to challenge myself to write a letter a day to someone, anyone. I was missing handwritten letters and I also thought I really need to show my gratitude more to those I care about. I might post a letter every now and then...

Here's to a great, and successful, new year. I'm going to push myself hard and I plan to accomplish lots!