Saturday, March 3, 2012

Story boarding, not water boarding.

Put together my first story board. It seems to have a good flow and this is a good exercise for my very visual self. Side note: it was not as painful as water boarding, although I was frightened it might be.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Warning: Expletives, Etc.

I feel angry. Not because I truly have anything to be angry about besides routine bills, little annoyances around the house, work stress, or global warming--but I just feel the anger burning inside tonight. If I were you--at least this is what I've been thinking lately--I wouldn't read this blog. It's fucking boring. Yes, I just used a swear word. I once said I'd never use a swear word on my blog. But then I started to think, what's wrong with it? I set up this blog to explore what I'm trying to do with my life, what I like, what's interesting or funny to me. I have another blog where I get to post cute pictures of my family for my family and close friends to look at, but this blog is supposed to be about me being me. And if you know me (which you may not, but if you're visiting this site it's about damn time you figure me out), then you know that I am vocal and passionate and I use EXPLETIVES quite often. I try to not say them in front of my children or the cute kids I teach, but I'm sure my daughter (16 months) will probably at some point in the near future mutter under her breath like her mama does, "Fuckin' knuckleheads." So, here I am feeling like I'm at a crossroads (for lack of a more overused cliche) and I need to just suck this up and DO IT. So maybe I'll start posting like mad about NOTHING important. Just dare me.