Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I officially purchased a REAL domain name!  I'm so excited.  It feels more like a commitment to myself and my writing than anything else.  I'm elated to bring new and exciting things this year to my blog, and I think this will help with it looking real, and not chintzy.  Thanks to those that follow already...you're awesome.  And to those just coming in, enjoy!

Monday, April 2, 2012


Currently: Getting ready to shut down and go off to dream land.  Dealing with laryngitis.
Listening: To Dexter snore his little puggy snore.
Loving: That it's my week off, yet it's just as busy as a week on--however it's a week filled with things I want to do.
Thinking: About how close the carrot is--just a few more chapters and the first draft is complete.  Although, it did go from 20 chapters to 22 (I think). I'm on 17.
Wanting: To have enough time to edit really well before the writing conference in July--I don't think I'll have enough, though.
Needing: To force myself to sleep.
OLW (one little word): Relax.