Autumn Knight--A Dark Young Adult Fantasy

Autumn Knight is a teenager with extraordinary powers who has been raised her entire life to use these powers to violently hurt others and to manipulate everyone she comes in contact with.  Along with the boy she is betrothed to and her cousin (who both have powers that are exceptional like her own), she goes on assignments at her family’s direction to steal priceless items from high profile figures in the world in exchange for exorbitant amounts of money.  But when Autumn is tasked to capture a boy named Ethan who also has powers and who she finds out to be her long lost brother, and then asked to train him and build a larger more powerful team in order to destroy a man trying to expose the Knight family as the deceitful clan that they are, Autumn begins to question if how she has been raised is right.  Now Autumn must make a choice—does she remain loyal and protect her family by murdering this man, or does she take a leap and protect him in order to find truth and to find out who she really might be able to become.