About Me

The title of my blog, "Pretty, Please," originates from what I would say to my mom as a child whenever I wanted anything.  I would look up at her with my big green eyes and beg, "Pretty, please, mommy....with sugar on top?"  Sometimes this did the trick.  This blog really is about what I want out of life so it seemed to be fitting to name it that.

As for the other stuff--My name is Amber.  It has always been that.  I was born in Sanford, NC to a military father and silly mother.  We moved to Washington State when my father retired from the military.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Education.  Currently I work as an educator, wife, and mother of three children.

Creatively, I'm working on a young adult novel that I hope will be a three book series.  I also enjoy photography, painting, drawing, and several other crafty avenues.

"They" say I have a quirky, dry sense of humor.  If you're here, maybe that's to your liking.