Friday, March 23, 2012


Rummaging--what I found as I was wasting time on the internet today.

My old friend's NEW comics: Nat and the Beanstalk and Vasectomy Blues

Wish I would have had one of these in college so I could have ignored my professor and just doodled: Livescribe Pen (I do have one now for taking notes--great for interviewing and for remembering all the small stuff)

And, how about a Steamer Trunk? Anyone want to get me one for my birthday? :)


I thought I'd try to occasionally post a "check in" of what's going on in my little world.

Currently: Finishing up report cards, getting eager to finish up the novel (first draft), hanging with the minions.
Listening: To the kids laughing while battling over Mario Kart.
Loving: That it's the weekend, even if I have a lot of homework.
Thinking: About the writer's conference coming up in July, wanting to get contacts because I keep forgetting my glasses at home, and having another beer.
Wanting: More time (but Spring Break is in a week--maybe I can get caught up on EVERYTHING???)
Needing: To feel rested. Yea, right.
OLW (one little word): Write.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1,000 Words

How tough is it to get out 1,000 words? Sometimes it's the hardest thing in the entire universe. It can be like punching your fist into a brick wall to break it down...nothing occurs, except bloody knuckles. Other times 2,000 to 3,000 words feels like a piece of cake. Tonight, 1,000 words was easy. I wish I had more time to write tonight, but I'm exhausted.

The writing is flowing nice, but I want my chapters to be a bit "meatier." I guess that will come in the editing round. It's coming soon, you know. My "SET-IN-STONE-DON'T-F-THIS UP" goal is to have the puny first draft done by March 31st. THEN it's on to major editing with full on add the details, but don't fluff for fluff's sake, time. Giddy up.