Thursday, February 23, 2012

Writing continues...

It's been too long since my last post. However, take that as a good sign. I've been writing like crazy (except for the past week because I had a horrible cold and was overwhelmed with work). I'm now working on Chapter 14.

But even better news, I'm planning on going to a writer's conference this summer. It's a big leap for me. It means I actually have to admit that, yes, I'm a writer. Maybe not a best-selling multi-millionaire writer, but a writer nonetheless.

At said conference, they have a writer's contest. I decided to enter my young adult fiction book into the contest LORD KNOWS WHY. It feels like I'm putting my heart on the table. I had to frantically edit the first three chapters of my book and figure out how to write a one-page synopsis. The mission was accomplished (with the help of my dear friend Sara and my husband as editors) and my submission was sent off.

It's hard to believe I'm doing this, but I'm OVERJOYED. I can't wait to experience the conference, to meet editors and agents and other writers, and to just try something new for a change. It would be thrilling to be a finalist in the contest, but I anticipate all this even more because I know someone will be forced to read my submission.

So, my next goals are to finish the book and edit like mad so it's ready for the conference and then see what I need to do to start submitting it for actual publication--that's something I'd like to start doing this summer when I'll have more time. For now, writing, writing, writing...