Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm elated. Tonight I actually got to work on my book. It's been months--with everything that has been going on--since I've been able to do any writing. I reviewed chapter 1-7, made a character map, and finished a somewhat-workable 1st draft outline for chapters 8-17. I didn't think I had 17 chapters in me! I think the flow is pretty nice and will easily shift into a 2nd book. Yea me!

I've been telling myself the past few weeks, "Friday is my night to write." I give all the other nights to family, lesson planning, etc. But I need one night (at least) to focus on this if I want to do anything with it. I've been so drained by the extra time I'm putting into my job that it's just been impossible to do any writing. I'm angry about that. Why does the job have to be so time consuming and mind sucking? Don't get me wrong--I love my job. However, I want to HAVE A LIFE to some degree. If you ever think teachers have a "cake walk" of a job, I'll give you the finger...

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