Sunday, May 20, 2012

On Sucking

I know what you're thinking--why is she writing Rated R crud?  I don't want to hear about a suburban wife/educator/mother talking about "that."  Ok, I'm not talking about that.  But it's an awesome image in your head right now for sure.  I had HORRENDOUS writer's block Thursday and Friday night.  I'm super behind.  I had to erase some stuff that was so horribly written that I'm 3,500 words behind my goal in fact.  So I feel like I'm sucking at the writing game.  I really hope this week goes better in that venue.

Also, I only have 4 weeks left of school.  I may be switching schools and grade levels for next year, so I could have some busy summer months ahead of me.  AND I'm bent on getting back into my hardcore workouts and eating right starting this week (ENOUGH starting over on this, Amber, OK?).  I lost a ton of weight last summer and looked decent (not as good as I did before baby #3 unfortunately), and I'm determined to get back to that place.  I strongly dislike feeling like a pudgy muffin butt...

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