Monday, December 12, 2011

Little Boys and Chia Pets

My sons were arguing tonight about Chia pets. Remember those little green plants that you grow after spreading the seeds on the terra cotta shaped head or whatever it is? Anyway, they saw a commercial on TV and thought it would be the BEST GIFT EVER for Christmas and OH MOM CAN I PLEASE HAVE ONE PLEASE RIGHT NOW WILL YOU GO TO THE STORE AND GET ME ONE BECAUSE I'M 5 AND YES I CAN WATCH MY 3 YEAR OLD BROTHER AND 1 YEAR OLDER SISTER. Yea. Seems like a GRAND idea. They were begging and then arguing about who gets which one. L (5 year old) wants the tree and then P (3 year old) wants the tree, too. L insists they cannot possibly buy the same one; they must get something different. P, in the meantime, puts on his best puppy dog face and begins to cry, "But I really like the tree with the star on top." So, I say to L, "Now why couldn't you get the same one? Of course you could get the same one (not-that-I'm-buying-either-of-you-one)." Then I get the eye roll (yes, from my 5 year old) and the remark, "Oh my gosh mom, we can't get the same one because that would be lame." I tried not to laugh and said, again, "Yes you could get the same one and don't say 'lame.'" L then looks at me and says, "Fine. It would be AWKWARD." So my son...

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