Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Currently: Getting over my irritations of the day.  I'm really trying to be calm and collected.  But after today's not so good moments, it's tough.  I had a teacher barge into my class and be rude (for no other reason than that she doesn't get social cues), an administrator overreact and be grumpy with me, and another teacher be bitchy because I put kids first instead of her.  Then I had a kid puke during state testing.  Lovely.
Listening: The boys play games; my keyboard go "click-click-click."
Loving: That it's getting closer to the end of the school year.  I love my class and all they do, but I'm feeling spent this week.
Thinking: About how I wish the "big people" would really put the "little people" first.  The problem with public education is sometimes politics takes precedence.  
Wanting: To enjoy the rest of the week with no stress.
Needing: A massage.
OLW (one little word): Hugs.

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